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Attendees in IPhO 2023

Jun, 2023

The International Physics Olympiad in 2023 is taking place in Japan. The Iranian students participating in this competition are [names]. In this event, Mr. Ahmad Shirzad and Mr. Mehdi Saadat are the team leaders, and Mr. Mehdi Fazeli, Mr. Alireza Norouzshad, Mr. Bahram Madadi, Mr. Ayyoub Esmaeilpour, and Ms. Elaheh Hesamian are the supervisors representing Iran. Previously, only one supervisor accompanied the team each year. This year's supervisors are responsible for gaining experience and documenting the implementation of IPhO 2023 for the organization of IPhO 2024.

Appointment of the Chairman of the IPhO 2024 Organizing Committee

Jun, 2023

By a decree from Mr. Reza Morad Sahraei, Dr. Mahmoud Bahmanabadi was appointed as the Advisor to the Minister of Education and Chairman of the Organizing Committee.

Selection of the Venue for IPhO 2024

Apr, 2023

After evaluating various venues in Tehran and corresponding with several universities, as well as conducting thorough field visits and assessments, the organizing committee selected Isfahan University of Technology as the host for this international event. The university previously hosted the 38th IPhO in 2003. The selection was primarily based on the university's spacious and peaceful environment and its diverse hospitality facilities.

IPhO 2024 Agenda

May, 2023

The timetable for the main events of IPhO 2024 was approved during a meeting of the organizing committee on 20 May 2023. This schedule is available on the web page dedicated to the event.