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IPhO2024 Calculator

2024/06/08 - 07:03

The academic committee of IPhO2024 announced the type of calculator which would be used in IPhO exams

Iranian Team Participates in the 2024 Asian Physics Olympiad

2024/06/02 - 18:35

Iranian students have traveled to Kuala Lumpur to participate in the 2024 Asian Physics Olympiad (APHO)

List of incoming and outgoing flights of Shahid Beheshti Airport, Isfahan

2024/06/01 - 06:07

The list of incoming and outgoing flights of Shahid Beheshti Airport of Isfahan can be seen in the following tables.

The registration deadline has been extended

2024/05/31 - 08:43

Due to the request of some countries, especially the countries participating in the AphO 2024, the registration is extended until June 12.

Statement of the organizing committee

2024/05/20 - 08:28

A profoundly tragic event has occurred for the nation and country of Iran. The President, the Foreign Minister, and several national officials have passed away in a helicopter crash incident. Iran is a country of greatness and resilience, capable of managing difficulties during severe crises. Although this incident is unfortunate, it will undoubtedly not cause any disruption in the country's ongoing activities. The organizing committee will proceed with the same dedication and decisiveness to conduct the 2024 International Physics Olympiad in Isfahan, and everything will continue as per the pre-established plans.

The first training workshop for the executive staff of international Physics Olympiad 2024

2024/05/16 - 17:04

The first workshop of executive committees and team members of the 54th international Physics Olympiad was held in Isfahan University of Technology with the presence of about 150 students and officials of the committees of this event.

The second circular, IPhO 2024, was published

2024/05/08 - 10:26

The second circular of IPhO2024 is issu...

News titles of the most important international events hosted by the Islamic Republic of Iran

2024/05/03 - 02:16

"Iran hosts prestigious international events: a pole for innovation and global cooperation" Iran is going to host a series of international events and showcase its role as the central hub of innovation and cooperation. This country's commitment to strengthening international partnerships and knowledge exchange should be shown annually by holding various scientific and economic events.

Attendees in IPhO 2023

2024/05/03 - 02:16

The International Physics Olympiad in 2023 is taking place in Japan. The Iranian students participating in this competition are [names]. In this ev...

Appointment of the Chairman of the IPhO 2024 Organizing Committee

2024/05/03 - 02:16

By a decree from Mr. Reza Morad Sahraei, Dr. Mahmoud Bahmanabadi was appointed as the Advisor to the Minister of Education and Chairman of the Orga...

Selection of the Venue for IPhO 2024

2024/05/03 - 02:16

After evaluating various venues in Tehran and corresponding with several universities, as well as conducting thorough field visits and assessments,...

IPhO 2024 Agenda

2024/05/03 - 02:16

The timetable for the main events of IPhO 2024 was approved during a meeting of the organizing committee on 20 May 2023. This schedule is available...