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Iranian Team Participates in the 2024 Asian Physics Olympiad

According to the Secretariat of the 54th International Physics Olympiad, Dr. AliAsghar Shokri, the head of the Iranian national team to the APHO, said: APHO is a regional event that has been held since the year 2000, in which talented high school students from Asian countries and Oceania regions compete in theoretical and experimental physics. .

Each country can send a team of 8 students to this event, while in the International Olympiad, the maximum number of students per team is 5.

He added: Strong countries in the International Olympiad, such as China, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Australia, participate in the APHO, and even Romania, a European country and one of the most decorated countries in the International Olympiad, participates as a guest due to the high level of the Asian Physics competition.

The head of the Iranian national team in APHO stated: The selected students of each country in APHO benefit from talent, creativity, and analytical ability to solve complex and challenging physics problems. This competition is widely recognized in the scientific community and consists of two parts: a 5-hour theoretical exam and a 5-hour laboratory exam. Generally, the level of questions in the APHO is slightly higher than the International Physics Olympiad.

Regarding the process of selecting the participating students, he continued: The selection and recruitment of students to form the team started last year in three stages, and after training and various exams, Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini, Kasra Sheikhi, Abolfazl Shiri, Bahrad Mohammadian, Sara Musayi, Farzin Gholivandan, Mohammad Amin Haghju, and Pooya Asteraki were finally selected to participate in the APHO in May 2024.

Dr. Shokri emphasized the importance of the presence of Iranian students in this event, stating: The presence of Iranian students will be very beneficial in restoring Iran's historical identity and position in advancing the field of physics and exchanging experiences with students from other countries. This event is an opportunity for talented young people from Asian countries to get to know each other and showcase the scientific capabilities of their countries.

He added: Considering that the International Physics Olympiad will be hosted by Iran in 2024, the presence of our country among the Asian countries and the transfer of experience for our students in the APHO 2024 event will have a very positive impact.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Seyyed Mohammad Hosein Sharifi as the scientific observer, Mr. Alireza Noroozshad as the second team leader, and Mr. Alireza Majlesifar as the ministry observer, will accompany the Iranian team in this event.

The 24th Asian Physics Olympiad will be held from June 3to 10 in the state of Perak, Malaysia.