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The second circular of IPhO2024

 The 54th International Physics Olympiad (IPhO 2024) will be held from July 21st to July 29th, 2024 in Isfahan, Iran. The following 51 countries/regions have pre-registered for IPhO 2024. We are looking forward to seeing all of them in Isfahan.

The official website of IPhO 2024 is https://www.ipho2024.ir













South Africa

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Islamic Republic of Iran


Sri Lanka



Morocco (Observer)










Chinese Taipei


Oman (Observer)








People's Republic of China

United Arab Emirates





Czech Republic






Saudi Arabia



Team Registration Site:

The teams can register for the event at IPhO 2024 website https://www.ipho2024.ir via the Registration menu. Teams can register regardless of whether they have preregistered or not. Username and password for registration is the same as that you used for preregistration. If you don’t have it please contact us to send you again. Registration webpage will open May 10th. Please register no later than May 25th, or (in case of delays in the domestic selection process) as early as possible.


The Team Registration Form is very similar to IPhO 2023 in Japan.  We need to collect detailed information for each of the participants. We appreciate your cooperation and patience in filling out the Form. After you submit the Form, you will get an e-mail of acknowledgement. The data entries will be used for visa procedure and may not be altered via the website after submission. Please contact us by email in case of any problem.


Prior to filling out the Team Registration Form, the following files have to be prepared for each participant and ready to be uploaded.

  • Photographic portrait: Full face front photo to appear on the name tag and the IPhO 2024 booklet – jpg, png or jpeg file not larger than 2MB.
  • Pronunciation of the full name (only for contestants): Audio – mp3, mp4 or wav file not larger than 1MB.
  • Photocopy of the photo page of the passport – jpg, png or jpeg file no larger than 1MB.
  • Signed Photography Consent Form” – pdf file not larger than 1MB.
  • Signed Commitment Form” – pdf file not larger than 1MB.

The “Photography Consent Form” and the “Commitment Form” are available from our website, under the Registration menu. The forms for the students are different from those for the leaders/observers/visitors. Please read them carefully, fill out the form, and scan the signed form to a pdf file to be uploaded for the purpose of registration.


Participation Fees:

Participation fees are set as follows:

  • Regular delegation (5 students, 2 leaders): EUR 3500
  • Smaller size delegation (< 5 students and/or  < 2 leaders): EUR 500 per participant
  • Observers: EUR 2000 per person
  • Visitors: EUR 2000 per person

We are not able to receive the fees through the banking system. Please bring the required amounts in cash, payable on arrival.



The official reception of the teams will be from the morning of July 21st to the evening of July 29th, 2024. Guests can schedule their arrival and departure through Shahid Beheshti International Airport of Isfahan or Imam Khomeini International Airport of Tehran on those two days. It takes 5 hours by land travel from Tehran to Isfahan. Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways and Flydubai Airline have direct international flights to the Shahid Beheshti International Airport of Isfahan.

However, we prefer that teams enter and leave via Shahid Beheshti International Airport of Isfahan. For this reason, teams arriving on July 19th or 20th or leaving on July 30th or 31st via Shahid Beheshti Airport of Isfahan, will benefit from a 50% discount on hotel fees for the extra nights (EUR 30 per night for a double room).

Excursions and entertainment during IPhO 2024 will be covered by the organizer.



For the official events, ground transportation will be provided by the organizers. Other. Note that the Opening Ceremony starts at 9 AM of Monday, July 22nd, hence considering the time needed for document inspection and clearance, as well as transportation from the airport, we advise arriving before July 22nd.

Trips from and transportation services covered by organizer include pick-up and drop-off of delegations, either at Imam Khomeini International Airport (on July 21st and July 29th) in Tehran, or Shahid Beheshti International Airport (on 19-21 July and 29-31 July) in Isfahanto the airport on other days have to be self-covered. In any exceptional case please contact us.




The students will stay in Dormitory 5 on the campus of IUT, the venue of IPhO 2024. The rooms are double or triple occupancy, there is a shared bathroom for several rooms. Leaders, observers, and visitors will be staying at the Hasht Behesht Hotel (inside IUT campus) and few suites (inside IUT campus). The rooms are double or triple occupancy. 


Travel Insurance:

Each delegation is advised to take out an appropriate travel insurance policy. Emergency medical services will be provided by the organizers.



Passengers from the following countries can travel to Iran without a visa:

Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, China, Syria, Iraq, Oman, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Venezuela.

Passengers from other countries need a visa to travel to Iran. Visa for Iran will be issued electronically and not stamped on the passports (this includes the visa stamp and the entry and exit stamps). Also no paper is attached to the passport. The organizing committee has tried to facilitate the process of getting visas for the teams. For this purpose, the contact person will enter all the required information (personal details, passport number, etc.) in the registration form. Registration webpage will open May 10th. Please register your team as soon as possible, but no later than May 25th, 2024.

The organizing committee will then send passport information to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the visa can be issued in all Iranian diplomatic missions (embassies, consulates, etc.) or at the airport upon arrival. The applicants must specify, within the Registration Form, their preferred method for receiving a visa

The presence of all team members is not required for receiving visas at the Iranian diplomatic missions, and a legal delegate may act on their behalf. Getting a visa at the airport takes a little time (hopefully less than 30 minutes).

The following countries may not receive their visas at the port of entry to Iran (They should go to the Iranian representative offices and get their visas before the flight):

USA, UK, Canada, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Jordan, Colombia, Somalia, and Afghanistan. 



Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email to the secretariat of IPhO 2024: secretariat@ipho2024.ir. To get update information about IPhO 2024 visit our website: https://www.ipho2024.ir

We look forward to meet you in Isfahan in July.

The Organizing Committee of IPhO 2024