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President of the World Physics Olympiad at Isfahan University of Technology: The preparation of IUT promises the successful holding of IPho2024

The head of the International Physics Olympiad, Professor Rajdeep Singh Rawat, had a 3 days trip to Iran to visit the prepared infrastructure at the Isfahan University of Technology for conducting 54th Physics Olympiad in summer 2024. 

Professor Rawat, during this visit, pointed out that: The International Physics Olympiad is a high-level competition at the international level which consists of experimental and theoretical parts. Students from various countries participate in this competition and due to the importance of the quality of the event, I have traveled to the Isfahan University of Technology to verify the designed equipments and facilities.

The head of the International Physics Olympiad expressed satisfaction with hosting the Olympiad in Iran: During this visit, I saw a very good level of quality in the laboratory questions and equipments. Considering the very successful experience of conducting the 2007 Physics Olympiad in Isfahan as well as long experiences of Iran along with winning several medals in the past Olympiads, I am very optimistic about well organization of 2024 Physics Olympiad in Iran, regardless of the geopolitical conditions of the world.

He emphasized: The main organizers of the Olympiad in Iran are well experienced and knowledgeable individuals, and I should aknowledge their extensive efforts for conducting the 54th Physics Olympiad in Isfahan University of Technology.