Welcome Message by
Head of Academic Committee

Esteemed Guests,

The International Physics Olympiad is celebrating its sixth decade of existence, during which 53 global physics competitions have been held over the course of 57 years. The IPhO, both nationally and internationally,
is a relatively low-cost and non-extravagant competitive event, yet it has presented a notable number of prominent scientists, engineers, and experts to the world.
In our country, Iran, international scientific olympiads have become the source of enthusiasm and extensive effort for young knowledge seekers, and this very fact motivates all my colleagues in other countries as well.
I am proud to once again host my colleagues and competing teams from around the world as the head of the scientific committee for IPhO 2024.
Our team is working tirelessly to create an enjoyable and challenging competition that will leave a positive impression on our guests’ memories of a friendly and respectful competition in the year 2024. We hope to see you in Iran.